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The creation of Zen-it 

Hello, my name is Marilyn Martel, I am the craftswoman behind Zen-it. I created  this company in August 2017, since then I have been making concrete pots and accessories. I love my industrial concrete collection, because it allows me to be more creative in my art and especially to make unique pots. I also use silicone molds buy online, it allows me to make pots with more complex shapes.


My current project  is to make my own silicone moulds, which will allow me to be even more creative in my choices  pot model and above all to have products that will be different from the current market.  

Now in 2020 I have 6 outlets  and my website, for the moment this is more than enough for me, because I work  also to  full-time. feel free to  write to me if you have special requests, I also make centerpieces to order. I also do some workshops; creating your pot and potting and  candle making workshop. The next dates will be posted on my web calendar soon.

I finish  saying thank you, thank you and thank you, thanks to you dear  customers, I can continue to have fun creating.

2022-02-19 16.19_edited.jpg
2020-09-26 15.28.08.jpg
2022-04-24 10.52.51.jpg
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